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Noctua candles are made in southwestern France, more specifically in the region of Béarn which lies at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains.

All of my candles are made with care and with the highest quality materials including glass blown in France, 100% organic soy wax, paper core wicks, and fragrances which come from Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

The soy wax which comprises each candle is carefully poured before I add various fragrances and other pieces such as semi-precious stones, gold powder, natural mica, glitter, and dried flowers. The end result is a candle which is a unique piece of home décor, a veritable jewel to brighten your home both literally and figuratively.

The choice of soy wax is a conscious one. Not only does soy wax allow for slower combustion, meaning that you’ll get more out of your candle, but it also allows for a bitter diffusion of fragrances and does not produce toxic soot as is the case with paraffin wax.

The name of the candles — “Noctua” — means Owl in Latin. It’s this image of the owl, representative of the night and of wisdom, that fits the spirit behind my candles and the ambiance they create.

Noctua is an invitation to dream. My candles will bring a poetic touch to your home.

Let yourself be carried away by their magic ...


Audrey, Candlemaker Bougies Noctua

Soy wax

Paper core wicks

fragrances from grasse

Made in pyrenées

A pinch of magic and poetry

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